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Dr Andy Cheadle

Engineering Director, McLaren Applied Technologies

Andy is the Engineering Director for McLaren Applied Technologies where he heads up the functional engineering departments encompassing Systems Engineering, Hardware, Software, Simulation and Decision Science. He is responsible for the research and development of a range of embedded and distributed cloud-based technology platforms, and solutions that span sensing, actuation and batch and stream-based analytics across the market sectors of Motorsport, Automotive, Healthcare, and Public Transport. Andy’s current focus, driven by prior work on national-scale Cyber Security solutions, is on converging processing systems for national-scale data sets with advanced simulation and model execution. Prior to joining McLaren Applied Technologies, Andy has held a variety of senior research, engineering, and architecture roles within FTSE 100 Telecoms and Defence companies and also within Enterprise software start-ups. He holds MEng and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Imperial College London, and has held research posts within its Faculty of Engineering.